Phrase and Clause
Clause: Subject + Finite verb
Phrase: Absence of subject and finite verb
⃝ Examples and Different names of Phrase:
1. He is a man of letters.

Here, “a man of letters” indicates Noun (noun of object).
2. To walk in the morning is good for health.
Here, “To walk in the morning” implies as subject of verb.
3. I know how to cook.
Here, “how to cook” specify object of verb.
4. I am proud of his brilliant achievement (Preparation of object).
5. He is a man of word(Complement of subject).
6. Mr. Abdur Karim, the Headmaster of H.N high school is an honest man.(Apposition of Noun)
Here, The underlined phrase is used as apposition of Mr. Abdur Karim.

::If preposition present:Noun + Preposition + Noun
Otherwise(if no preposition)
Then used: Determiner + adjective + noun
We generally know “adjective” qualify noun or pronoun.
1. It is a ring of gold (ring modified by “of gold”).
2. The man with long hair has seen me.
3. The village in front of the rail station is big.

Modify parts of speech without noun and pronoun.
1. He tried heart and soul to get the job.
2. He sat under the tree.
3. He left in time.
→PREPOSITIONAL PHRASE : in front of,because of etc
→INTERJECTIONAL PHRASE:what a pity!,oh my god! etc .
→VERBAL PHRASE:looks forward to,looks after etc .

→CONJUNCTIONAL PHRASE:as soon as,as well etc .


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